DesignCast 47 – The Clever Logo Conundrum


We recently had an episode dedicated to a design dilemma Mikelle was facing with a client. So we decided to make this into a series all about one big problem each of us is facing in our business. In this episode, it’s Wes’ turn.

We always advocate asking clients for samples of designs they like, so you can properly gauge their taste, and what they will respond to. However, Wes recently began seeing a trend emerge with his logo design clients: they were always picking out “clever,” literal logos for inspiration, even when their company name or industry did not lend itself to that sort of treatment.

Rather than dwelling on the problem, the gang talks about how to better arm yourself against this sort of thing, so that you and your clients can get started on the right track, instead of chasing false leads. You will learn how to properly ask for example logos, and we also discuss the possibility of not asking for examples at all. There are multiple opinions voiced in this episode, so you can listen and see what makes the most sense for you.

After that, we answer two new listener questions about taking days off, and whether or not After Effects is worth learning.


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