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DesignCast 48 – Jeepers! It’s the Scope Creeper!

Wrapping up our “design dilemma” series, this week we focus on a spooky Halloween tale that will strike fear in the hearts of designers everywhere… scope creep! So take a listen… If you dare. Sam recently faced such a tale of terror in his own studio, and lived long enough to tell us about it. We […]

DesignCast 47 – The Clever Logo Conundrum

We recently had an episode dedicated to a design dilemma Mikelle was facing with a client. So we decided to make this into a series all about one big problem each of us is facing in our business. In this episode, it’s Wes’ turn. We always advocate asking clients for samples of designs they like, […]

DesignCast 46 – The Graphic Designer’s Home Office

Working from home can be pretty sweet. You can work in your pajamas, and it’s pretty much the shortest commute ever. But being a freelance designer only works if your home office is in top shape. In this episode, the gang talks about our own home office setups, how we like to work, stay organized, and what […]

DesignCast 45 – The Curious Case of the Copycat Client

  We may know a lot about the ins and outs of running a successful design studio, but we regularly run into dilemmas of our own. Mikelle had a recent client scenario which devolved from looking to an existing site for “inspiration” into the client wanting a very close copy of the original. When clients […]

DesignCast 44 – The Creative Director Track

Being a graphic designer is great. But many designers have aspirations of going even further in their creative careers, and for some that means becoming a creative director one day. In this episode, the gang breaks down how to be a creative director; what kind of personality is most attracted to the role, what is […]

DesignCast 41 – Getting Clients On Board With Your Ideas

Do your clients always go along with your creative ideas and concepts? If the answer is yes, then you can skip this episode. But if you’re like the rest of us, sometimes it takes some convincing to get your clients to see things your way, and trust in your expertise. In this episode, we have […]